Self Love Routine set

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TURMERIC &VITAMIN C GEL CLEANSER: The perfect rich antioxidant gel cleanser suited for daily use helps brightens and clarifies skin,leaves your skin feeling supple, bright, fresh and clean every day.

TURMERIC &VITAMIN C CLEANSING BALM:Designed as the first step for your skin care routine,effectively breaks up and melts away any dirt, impurities and makeup residue, moisturizes and nourishes skin.

Turmeric + Vitamin C Serum:This mega superfood serum plumps up skin defenses against damaging free radicals and pollution while enhancing skin tone and improves skin texture.

Turmeric + Vitamin C Face Moisturizing Cream: A nourishing, super hydrating moisturizer delivers potent antioxidants to your skin that detoxifies and neutralizes pollutants as well as improves the skin’s natural defense system.

Turmeric + Vitamin C Face Mask: Recharge your skin’s youthfulness with our natural, skin energizing treatment mask. Brightens dark spots, dull skin and restores your skin giving it a healthy and calm look

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